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May 18 2018


time for the bi-anual blog post - or not

I’m currently pondering if to put affiliation links and ad-words on this pretty dead blog or to let it die.

main reason for the pondering is this new "make break repeat!" diy/maker thing I've been working on lately. of course it is meant to make me filthy rich so I need some sort of revenue stream and what better place to test stuff than ... for example ... a more than half dead fifteen year old webblog?

oh my - this is all nasty old ... I should really clean up the page and archive everything in static ... what's the latest? ah doesn't matter - will be plain/ascii or html either way.

Faulbaer (I just need a reason to code a tracker for the affiliation links I create, actually)

January 29 2018


replace the drive of an old type apple time capsule with an ssd

just the other week I tried to find out if the old square apple time capsule could run with an ssd drive. you know, the noisy hot one with an internal 3.5" sata drive between 500gb and 3tb? short answer: yes, you can.

why would anyone want to do that? ssd drives are super expensive!? simple answer: because I could ... nah ... of course I had my reasons.

I moved my time machines backups to the synology ages ago and was left with two different versions of the square time capsule. recently I became more and more annoyed with my wifi situation and thought - hey - those time capsules ... if they didn't have those burning hot noisy sata drives in them they should do well as low power wifi bridges with air print capabilities. if only they could run with an ssd ...

so after some research on the net I found nothing, nil, zilch - not a word on if I could replace the internal drive with a small ssd drive. so I ordered two super cheap 32gb king diam s100 drives from amazon for just more than eur 40. I could have gone with 8gb drives for eur 32 total but if those hadn't worked for this project I would have had to pay for the return shipping cost. yeah, german laws and all that ... who cares.

so yes, the drives work in the old type time capsule and yes, I could use roughly 30gb of space there which I won't. the smaller drives most probably would have worked, too. I would expect the smallest thing with a sata connector to work actually.

and by that I was able to re-furbish two perfectly good wifi access points for just eur 40 instead of purchasing new airport express or airport extreme base stations between eur 100 and 200.

Faulbaer (yes, I like the airport utility, that's why)

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April 28 2015

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Drunk Girls Best Video 2015! Amazing Funny Compilation 2015

April 18 2015

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Taiwan High Speed Rail

April 17 2015


March 14 2015


oh no! not monowall! it's dead, jm.

just last week I learned Manuel Kasper decided to put m0n0wall down after 12 years of excellence. I've been using the monorail for almost as long when I first got a soekris embedded pc for it and I think it is still the best choice for those tiny machines.

now I need something new.

any hints on what webgui firewall to put onto my soekris net4801. I was considering just OpenWRT with some firewall builder but I'd prefer something more klicki-bunti if possible.

unless any good hints come up I'll probably just go down to the bare metal like in the old days. owning several rack-mounted wrap pcs and soekris net4801 machines I don't want to get any new hardware, to be honest.

Faulbaer (too bad - I loved the m0n0wall)

February 16 2015

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Best 60s Dancer Boy Ever - The Nitty Gritty

February 09 2015


tp-link tl703n usb power on/off via gpio8

to disable/enable power to the tp-link's usb port just set /sys/class/gpio/gpio8/value to 0 (zero) for power off and to 1 (one) for power on. example on the shell: echo 0 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio8/value

that works very well when used to "command" a usb controlled master/slave multi-way power connector

in my case I use this to power on or off an equinox tizi that is running on the power of the tp-link device. that way I can have the tizi upstairs where there is a dtt signal and switch it on and off from my office in the cellar.

I'm very annoyed by the fact the tp-link now comes with a firmware that cannot be easily changed to openwrt. I will stick to the more versatile alfa networks ap121u ( in the future. it also can run just on usb-power assuming you use the right cable: usb to 5,5mm/2,1mm hollow plug

Faulbaer (should check for energy consumption on these ...)

January 18 2015

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Korean Dance Team Performing At All Boy School

January 03 2015

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December 16 2014


hacking the apc ap9606 on a ap9212

in case you get your hands on a mostly working apc ap9212 unit with an ap9606 comunications module of which you don't know neither ip address nor username/password you may want to try hacking the device via telnet because connecting to the serial port requires a special apc cable _and_ the port needs to be working as well. by the way I'm assuming an ip address has been configured (steady green status led) which prevents the ap9606 to respond to ip addresses set in the arp table by "arp -s".

1. find out the mac address by either attaching the ap9606 to a managed switch and just read the mac address listed for the port or attach it to another computer directly and listen to tcpdump to collect addresses.

2. find the ip address by attaching the ap9606 to a computer and listening to tcpdump. compare the output to the mac address you collected earlier and gather the address that makes sense. in my case it was an arp request and the wanted address was the one following "tell".

3. configure an ethernet interface for the same subnet and connect to the ip address you just found via telnet.

4. now you can log in as any user with the factory password TENmanUFactOryPOWER and dump some valuable information from the specific addresses of the device's flash memory using code "13". for example in my case "1d0" dumped the user/password and a bunch of other junk. The username started with "0u" followed by the username i.e. "0uadmin" and the password followed after a gap of 6x "FF" also in clear text.

5. exit with ctrl+a and re-login using the user/password you just gathered.

for configuring the ap606 I personally prefer the web-gui not because it is good but because the cli is just horrible.

now that you know how to hack the device you will probably want to find a way to secure it against others. me, too.

Faulbaer (it's fun to snmp-control the ports on this old pdu - it works well!)

November 20 2014


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